About Earl Vincent Flores

Earl_Flores_PortraitEarl Vincent Flores — aka The Catholic Cowboy — is an award-winning artist and songwriter who credits his inspirational messages, the ones he communicates through his words and music, to his wife, family, and his faith.

As Earl puts it, “With the help of my family and my wife, I’ve been able to do this wonderful ministry. It gives me great joy to do work toward the Immaculate Heart of the Trinity and share with all who care to lend an ear.”

Anyone who does “lend an ear” will hear the undeniable voice of a spirit who has not only been blessed, but has been blessed with a tremendous gift for sharing.

Earl is a native Californian, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley before it became part of the sprawling Los Angeles metropolis. Earl credits his love of devotional music to his dad, who loved all types of gospel music.